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We offer two types of acrylic tapes to our customers. If you’re looking for quality Acrylic tape in Jamnagar, then we, the reputed Acrylic tape manufacturers in Jamnagar who also supplies tapes which are either water or solvent-based in Jamnagar as well. The tapes do not require additives during the manufacturing process as they are naturally tacky. 

Advantages of acrylic tapes

  • Offer durability and longevity on surfaces like metal glass and plastic.
  • Does not break even if it is exposed to very high temperatures, UV light chemicals, oxidation.
  • Its colour does not fade out.
  • Has the ability to stick to itself resulting in a high level of cohesion
  • Is considered to be a more environmentally friendly product

As the top-level Acrylic tape suppliers in Jamnagar, we offer tapes with a good balance of adhesion, shear, and tack. These acrylic tapes are thermal resistant and resistant UV degradation.


  • Needs around 24 to 72 hours to fully set.
  • Adhesive quality lessens to low energy for non-polar surfaces.
  • It is a bit costlier than butyl adhesives.
  • On polar surfaces it is impermeable to air.

We deliver quality Acrylic tape in Jamnagar that can be used in different types of surfaces and can perform in a temperature range of -30°Fahrenheit to 300° Fahrenheit.

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